First Post

I love recipes and I love to find new recipes to make for my family! I love searching food blogs and food sites to find new recipes. Actually, I love it so much that I am up to my neck with recipes that I have printed off of the web. I tried to organize by making a couple of folders, but it is hard to keep up and keep it alphabetized when I am constantly printing more! I thought the easiest way to handle this would be to start this blog and every time I find a great recipe I can post it here. They will be in order and I won’t have to search to find what I am looking for. If I want to print it out, I can. I will save a lot of paper and ink this way! I don’t always make everything I print, and sometimes I am just plain hungry and something looks good, so I print it! You get the benefit as well! Tons of great recipes! I will post reviews and try to post pix of the recipes that I make.

Please, send me a link or some of your favorite recipes too!



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5 responses to “First Post

  1. Hi Betsy! Welcome to the world of foodie blogging! I linked to yur homeschool blog and mentioned this one on MY homeschool you will be doing a coffee and tea blog! LOL!

  2. rmboys


    I love your food blog! It’s great! I’m adding the low-carb coney island chili for this weekend. I can’t wait to try it! I’ll be back soon and thanks for linking to me.


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