Chili Cheese Frito Corn Salad

 This is another recipe that I get so many hits on at my HS blog. People must eat this at a pitch-in and then come home to look up the recipe. 

Chili Cheese Frito Corn Salad

3 cans Summer Crisp Corn, drained
¼ each of green and red pepper, diced
¼ purple onion, diced fine
1 c. grated cheese
Miracle whip, until goopy
Bag Chili Cheese Fritos

Mix all ingredients except Fritos and refrigerate until ready to serve. Add Fritos and mix just before serving.



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4 responses to “Chili Cheese Frito Corn Salad

  1. Jerrod Jarvis

    My wife told me about this and I thought it sounded terrible. I found that it was absolutely great.

  2. I had this at a BBQ and loved it so have been looking for the recipe. Thank you for sharing. I plan to make it tonight!

  3. Ren

    I had this at a 4th of July BBQ and it’s really good. We’re boaters, so we love recipes you can make without a stove (none on board)

  4. Aimee

    I had this for Labor Day weekend party and everyone just loved it.

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